Commission - OPEN

♥PAYMENT IN USD ONLY. I will accept paypal, Ko-Fi, trades of things 
 I want/art and DeviantArt Points.
♥Payment is to be received after sketch is sent to customer.
♥ I will show a completed sketch to you to give you a chance for 
any changes before I begin lining/coloring.
♥I am allowed to decline an order.
Prices may vary for characters with extreme detail or 
poses that are complicated.
♥I have full rights to post your commission online as I choose, 
unless discussed otherwise during the commissioning process.
♥Commissions are done within 2 weeks of payment.
♥I don't do refunds unless I know I really can't do your commission.
♥Be specific with what you want. I.E; pose, expressions, etc.
♥You must be 18+ to commission NSFW/Kink.

I am willing to draw

♥Nudity and NSFW
♥Witch Craft
♥Pastel Things
I am NOT willing to draw
♥Hate Speech
♥Minors In Kink/Sexual

Please ask me if a specific topic is not listed and I will discuss 
it with you.

You can contact me at
Or Contact Me Here


Line Art
♥Bust Shot: $5 | ♥Add Character: +$3
♥Waist Shot: $6 | ♥Add Character: +$4
 ♥Full Body: $7 | ♥Add Character: +$5

Flat Color
 ♥Bust Shot: $7 | ♥Add Character: +$4
♥Waist Shot: $8 | ♥Add Character: +$6
♥Full Body: $10 | ♥Add Character: +$8

♥Bust Shot: $8 | ♥Add Character: +$5
♥Waist Shot: $9 | ♥Add Character: +$7
♥Full Body: $11 | ♥Add Character: +$9

♥Simple: $7
♥Detailed: $10
♥Complex: $15

Simple Art
♥Ranges from $3-$10
Examples: Text Art, Logo, Simple Animals, And More.

Activity Page
♥Any Type: $5
♥Bundle (10): $35

If you need your commission done by a certain date add a 
$5 fee.